New FDA Approved Robotic TCD Headgear

IMUSA is excited to announce a new Transcranial Doppler (TCD) Robot with revolutionary algorithms that will dramatically impact the TCD market.  The Viasonix Dolphin XF Robot connects to any of the advanced Dolphin TCD models to automatically assist the users in quickly obtaining bilateral intracranial blood flow for either short- or long-term monitoring.

The ability to post process online and offline in addition to the mechanical and intelligence abilities of the Dolphin XF robotic probe allows for efficient and effective scanning of the brain. The Dolphin XF is not large, is clinically effective, is priced well and is feasible for use in various critical care settings such as the OR the ICU, as well as in diagnostic TCD labs for PFO, Breathe Holding and Vasomotor Reactivity.

Our Dolphin XF robot will provide a breakthrough in brain diagnosis in the neurology market. It will assist the medical staff in minimizing setup time for bilateral monitoring and replace other large and time-consuming solutions that are currently in the TCD market in the USA. The design of the Dolphin XF robotic headgear was focused on simple and quick operation to obtain bilateral waveforms in a matter of seconds.

The Dolphin XF bilateral TCD robot is applied to the head easily and comfortably.  The patient can sit, lie down, stand up , or even walk during the monitoring application. .  The Dolphin XF can monitor intracranial blood vessels at any depth.  This ability is perfect for monitoring stroke or vasospasm patients, patients with stroke threatening emboli, critical care patients with unstable Intracranial Pressure (ICP), TCD monitoring during anesthesia, or during routine examinations such as Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO), Vasomotor Reactivity Tests (VMR) or the Breath Holding Test (BH).

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