Image Monitoring USA has been the leading medical equipment supplier in Kansas for years because we are committed to providing you with the best quality transcranial and Doppler systems in the state. Our highly experienced staff is always there to assist you in making the best decisions for your hospital, clinic, or laboratory by educating you regarding medical devices and their functions.

Our Products

Falcon PRO and Falcon Quad PV Testing Systems

The Falcon/Pro has been designed while keeping day-to-day practices in mind; that’s why it is simple to use, allows complete standard diagnostic protocols, significantly reduces examination time, and has a friendly user interface.

Dolphin IQ and Dolphin 4D TCD Testing Systems

Dolphin is a significant upgradation to the market’s existing digital TCD systems and is an excellent choice for both hospitals and private clinics. We offer three Dolphin medical equipments that have nearly identical features but are intended to be used in various medical situations.

  • Dolphin 4D
  • Dolphin Max
  • Dolphin IQ

Advanced Hospital and Patient Care Equipment

Doppler Systems in Kansas:

A Doppler ultrasound device consists of a handheld scanner connected to a computer. It uses sound waves to create images of blood flow in your main arteries and veins. We are the only authorized dealer for Dolphin TCD in the state.

Vascular Equipment Kansas

A vascular medical device is used to control, diagnose, monitor, or correct disease, injury, or other conditions in the arteries and veins or the heart.

FALCON PRO & FALCON QUAD are the most advanced high-end peripheral vascular diagnostic systems in the world. And are perfect for any vascular/angiology laboratory or department in a healthcare facility. Image Monitoring USA is the one to supply you all Falcon medical systems.

IMUSA: Leading Medical Device Distributor Company in Kansas

We strongly believe in IMUSA’s vision and strive to improve the lives of paramedics and patients with every passing day. We are the leading medical device supplier in Kansas that aim to bring to the market highly advanced medical devices, that will transform patient care.

If you are looking for the latest hospital equipment Kansas then you are at the right place; we supply medical devices all across Kansas.


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TCD can be used to examine relative changes in blood flow in the brain’s basal arteries, diagnose focal vascular stenosis, and trace embolic signals within these arteries.

The (PVR) pulse volume recording test is a diagnostic tool that measures blood flow in your arms and legs using blood pressure cuffs and handheld ultrasound devices. An ankle-brachial index (ABI) test is a specific type of PVR.

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