Wide Probe Selection

  • High quality 4 MHz and 8 MHz probes for standard use
  • Unique 10 MHz probe Ideal for small peripheral blood vessels
  • Complete high resolution spectral analysis
  • Color coded probes

PPG Measurements

  • 5 completely independent PPG channels
  • Simultaneous Fingers/Toes Measurements
  • Color coded channels
  • High sensitivity
  • A variety of finger clip, toe clip and disk type sensors

Disk PPG Sensors

  • Phasic and average waveform display
  • Attachment to the skin with dedicated stickers
  • Ideal for venous studies
  • Color coded sensors

Temperature Sensor

  • Continuous monitoring of skin temperature
  • Ideal for diagnosis of the Raynaud’s Syndrome
  • Easily attached with dedicated adhesive stickers

Remote Control

  • A selection of wired and wireless remote control
  • Keep your focus on the patient with a dedicated foot switch
  • Configurable buttons on remote and foot switch according required functions

Pressure Cuffs

  • Convenient to use, nonporous, and easy to clean
  • Maximum comfort on skin touch
  • Compatible with most brands of patient monitors
  • Cost-effective pricing
  • Latex Free & bio-compatibility tested

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