A vascular diagnosis equipment is used to manage, diagnose, track, or treat disease, injury, or other disorders that affect the arteries and veins or the heart itself, using non-invasive technologies such as a laser beam, ultrasound, cuffs, or a probe attached to a particular spot on the skin.

Vascular diagnosis devices are made to take non-invasive clinical data and identify a particular peripheral vascular pathology.

Measurement of segmental systolic blood pressures and the ankle-brachial pressure index (ABI) is the major objective of vascular diagnosis equipment but, numerous other parameters are also measured to diagnose various specific vascular diseases.

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Our Systems

PVR Vascular Machine

PVR machines are used for an air plethysmography waveform analysis commonly called pulse volume recording. It identifies segmental volume changes in the limb brought on by blood flow as a function of the cardiac cycle.

Vascular Dopplers

They are non-invasive diagnostic devices used to estimate the quantity of blood flow going through blood vessels. They work by directing high-frequency sound waves onto red blood cells and then receiving them back via the traducer/probe to check for strength and frequency

Peripheral Vascular Testing Equipment

It checks the ankle-brachial index (ABI) by a quick, non-invasive technique to monitor peripheral artery disease (PAD). It is an excellent tool for in-home patient monitoring, as well as for usage in specific contexts such as by sports doctors and in smaller medical facilities.

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