Falcon Pro Physiologic Doppler System

Falcon Physiologic Doppler System for ABI/PVR

IMIUSA’s goal is to raise the bar for quality in clinical diagnosis of peripheral vascular disease and to promote both local and global health.

Image Monitoring USA offers an entirely automatic clinical ABI PVR machine with up to ten readings simultaneously with straightforward one-button control. Pulse Volume Recording (PVR) is a pneumo-plethysmography test that is widely used for non-invasive diagnosis of lower extremity peripheral arterial disease (PAD).

As a PVR machine, the Falcon allows immediate pulse volume recording that can be completed rapidly for each measured site.

PVR measurements with the Falcon vascular diagnostic system can be performed either sequentially for one site after the other, bilaterally for simultaneous PVR measurements on similar right/left leg sites, or simultaneously on as many as 10 sites in parallel.

The user is only required to place the color-coded pressure cuffs around each target site on both legs. Then, any PVR protocol needs to be selected. Now the test is ready to start and can be completed in just a couple of minutes.

All PVR settings can be pre-configured in the protocol, so only a single button can be used to complete the test. The user can modify the preferred target inflation pressure, sweep time display, scale, or filter.

Many other Falcon features and options, such as automatic simultaneous measurements or display of contralateral results, are designed to simplify the use of the Falcon PVR physiologic system followed by a complete clinical diagnosis in a fast and efficient way.

While the diagnosis of pulse volume recording is primarily qualitative, the Falcon also provides a range of quantitative parameters, including the waveform amplitude, rise time, or heart rate. Additional calculations such as the RAR or waveform slope are also available.