About Dolphin/XF

The Dolphin/XF is revolutionizing TCD robotics. It is designed to assist the clinician in quickly and automatically insonating as well as monitor cerebral blood flow.
Comfortable Headset
The unique Dolphin/XF robot fits the patient’s head with a soft and comfortable dedicated monitoring headset. The patient’s position is of no barrier! Thus the patient can lay down, be seated, or stand up during the measurements with the Dolphin/XF TCD robot without any discomfort or loss of signal

The Dolphin/XF TCD robot is ideal for settings where short or long-term monitoring is required. This includes applications in:

  • Anesthesia and the Operating Room (OR),
  • HITS detection for bilateral monitoring
  • Vasomotor Reactivity (VMR), Breath Holding (BHI) or PFO testing for short term monitoring
  • Use in ICU
  • With SAH or Stroke patients where cerebral blood flow monitoring is of particular importance.

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