Today, we are the leading medical device supplier in Arizona and have set the benchmark of providing superior service in the fields of medical diagnostics, and patient care equipment. We have a customer-focused team committed to quality consciousness and after-sales services for making patient care a better experience for you.

Our Products

Falcon PRO and Falcon Quad PV Testing Systems

The Falcon Pro has revolutionized the PVD systems market with its amazing features like user-friendliness, standard diagnostic concords, reduced inspection time, and much more. It is used in a range of clinical applications & specialty tests like Segmental Blood Pressure, ABI – Ankle Brachial Index, TBI, FBI – Toe and Finger Brachial Index, and others.

Dolphin IQ and Dolphin 4D TCD Testing Systems

They support a variety of standard and novel features for the benefit of both medical personnel and patients. We provide three Dolphin medical equipments that have very similar features but can be used in a variety of medical practices.

  • Dolphin 4D
  • Dolphin Max
  • Dolphin IQ

Advanced Hospital and Patient Care Equipment

Doppler Systems in Arizona

DOLPHIN TRANSCRANIAL DOPPLER: With the high-quality doppler and improved workflow the Dolphin Transcranial Doppler system is without a doubt the most cutting-edge TCD system. It is helpful in a range of medical diagnoses and tests like Vasospasm, evaluation of ICP changes, Sickle Cell disease, and others.

Vascular Equipment Arizona

FALCON PRO & FALCON QUAD: They are the most trusted names for peripheral vascular testing equipments in Arizona. It is useful in stress testing, Venous Reflux, MVO/SCV, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Palmar Arch Test, and other specialized tests.

IMUSA: Leading Medical Device Distributor Company in Arizona

Image Monitoring USA is the leading medical equipment supplier in the state. We are dedicated to delivering a broader range of peripheral vascular testing system and Transcranial Doppler products to our customers nationwide. We have access to major manufacturers like Dolphin and Falcon Pro, allowing us to provide you with the best hospital equipment in Arizona.


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An examination of your brain’s blood flow using sound waves is called transcranial Doppler (TCD) ultrasonography.

There are no known risks associated with having a Doppler ultrasound. It is also thought to be safe during pregnancy.

The images will be analyzed by a radiologist or neurologist, and a report will be sent to the healthcare provider who advised you the test. The doctor will then discuss the test results and further treatment plan with you.

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