Image Monitoring USA is a leading diagnostic medical device distributor company serving whole California. Our mission is to provide customers with reliable, cutting-edge peripheral vascular and transcranial doppler equipment, training, and information that improve overall satisfaction and patient care.

We have opened our doors to bring state-of-the-art peripheral vascular and transcranial Doppler products to the Californian medical community. Building on 30 years of success at Image Monitoring in Canada, our experienced team now strives to build lasting relationships with clients in California, and across the USA.

We work with your staff before, during, and after installation to ensure your vasculature exceeds staff expectations. All systems are assembled, tested and shipped from our Buffalo, NY office. We strive to find the best solution for your facility. Additionally, our team of account managers, application specialists, and service representatives provide invaluable educational materials and the latest medical news for staff and patients.

Medical Equipment Supplier in California (Dolphin and Falcon Pro)

We offer cutting-edge high-end diagnostic system for the diagnosis of peripheral vascular disease called FALCON PRO and FALCON QUAD. For the diagnosis of abnormalities in the intracranial vessels, Image Monitoring USA offers DOLPHIN TCD system. The system supports a wide range of standards and brand-new, exclusive features that are advantageous to patients and medical device professionals alike.

Our Products

Falcon PRO and Falcon Quad PV Testing Systems

The FALCON PRO is the world’s most advanced high-end peripheral vascular diagnostic system. It is the ideal system for any vascular/angiology laboratory, and as an upgrade to existing old equipment.

Dolphin IQ and Dolphin 4D TCD Testing Systems

The next generation Transcranial Doppler (TCD) standalone system that will exceed everything you know and expect from a TCD system. The DOLPHIN supports numerous standard and new unique features for the benefit of the medical staff and patients alike!

Image Monitoring USA: #1 Company for Hospital and Patient Care Equipment

Image Monitoring USA is aware that the dynamic healthcare environment of today necessitates solutions that provide clinical value while keeping costs in check. To help you develop integrated, affordable, and effective workflows across acute care departments, on a hospital-wide scale, we offer equipment, software and other diagnostic solutions that enhance workflow efficiency but don’t feel heavy on your budget. At Image Monitoring USA, we are aware of how crucial technical assistance and customer service are. For premium, high quality medical equipment at a reasonable price, contact IMUSA

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Our dedication to providing outstanding support and service is unrivaled.


In the United States, the FDA controls the sale of medical device items (including diagnostic tests) and oversees the safety of all regulated equipment in the United States.

Yes, this is a requirement for all completed product makers and medical device importers. When intending to market a medical device, manufacturers must register it with the FDA. Manufacturers outside the United States must also register their device and appoint a US agent for their foreign operation.

In the state of California, no one may operate a home medical device retail facility unless he or she has secured a licence from the department. Each facility owned or operated by a specific person will require a licence.

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