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Our Products

Dolphin IQ and Dolphin 4D TCD Testing Systems

The next generation Transcranial Doppler (TCD) standalone system that will exceed everything you know and expect from a TCD system. The DOLPHIN supports numerous standard and new unique features for the benefit of the medical staff and patients alike!

High Quality Advanced TCD Machines in Georgia

The best systems for Transcranial Doppler (TCD) and Transcranial Color Doppler (TCCD) from us frequently include special software and presets that enable the best imaging and assessment of brain blood flow. TCD ultrasound is a painless test that uses sound waves to detect medical issues affecting blood flow in your brain. It can detect strokes caused by blood clots, narrowed blood vessels, subarachnoid haemorrhage-induced vasospasm, small blood clots, and more.

Portable Dolphin Dopplers

Dolphin has a specific screening procedure for sickle cell disease (CSD). This protocol was created to comply with the STOP (Stroke Prevention in Sickle Cell Disease) study guidelines. It has fixed speed sliders that, according to the instructions, mark normal and abnormal speed thresholds.

Dolphin shows all relevant Doppler parameters, including average velocity (TAMM in the STOP protocol). The phasic-mode display is intended for quick identification of cerebral vessels, whereas the m-mode display is intended for clear identification of intense transient signals like transarterial embolism. Dolphin’s distinct and advanced HITS processing capabilities allow for detailed analysis and visualisation of any suspected embolism, which could result in an ischemic stroke.


Transcranial Doppler (TCD) ultrasound measures cerebrovascular function in real time and is non-invasive. TCD can be used to assess relative flow changes in the basilar arteries of the brain, diagnose focal stenosis, and detect embolism signals in the arteries. TCD can also be used to assess the physiological health of a specific vascular area by measuring blood flow response to changes in blood pressure (brain autoregulation), tidal (cerebrovascular activity), or cognitive and motor activation (neurovascular coupling or functional congestion).

TCD has proven to be useful in the clinical diagnosis of several cerebrovascular disorders, including acute ischemic stroke, vasospasm, subarachnoid haemorrhage, sickle cell disease, and brain death. This imaging modality’s clinical indications and research applications are still evolving.

Transcranial Doppler (TCD) ultrasound provides a low-cost, non-invasive, real-time measurement of cerebral blood flow and hemodynamic characteristics in the brain’s basilar arteries. These physiological measurements supplement the structural data obtained from the various existing vascular imaging modes. TCD is the most practical method for tracking vascular changes in response to interventions in acute bedside stroke. Given the ease of use of this tool as a diagnostic modality, its clinical and research applications in many cases of cerebrovascular disorders will grow.

We Cover the Entire Georgia

We feature over 15 years of experience serving Georgian cities and the Atlanta metropolitan area. At Image Monitoring USA, our skilled and qualified staff will collaborate with you to choose the most effective strategy for managing your health and regaining your independence. We offer a large selection of top-notch medical equipment across Georgia.

Our TCD systems are available in Georgia in all counties and cities, including but not limited to:

Atlanta, Savannah, Augusta, Athens, Macon, Valdosta, Marietta, Helen, Alpharetta, Rome, and more.

Why Image Monitoring USA?

For our innovative products, Image Monitoring USA was named one of the Top Medical Imaging Companies for 2022! Both the Dolphin Transcranial Doppler and the Falcon Vascular products that got us the esteem title are currently available.

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